Dachshund Through the Snow T Shirt Will Make Everyone Around You Mirthful

Dachshund Through the Snow T Shirt. It’s a play on words for the holidays! With a wiener dog wearing a scarf. And snow. What gets more festive than that? Rhetorical question because obviously nothing does.

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Look how happy that dog is. Just in an animal bliss. Oblivious to the issues of foreign policy. Not thinking about that look his boss gave him the other day when he thought he was offering up invaluable insight. Not thinking about being about $170 short for Xmas presents and ingredients for the family meal.

Nah. Just whimsically jumping through the snow drifts. Only to stop when it’s time to yellow snow some territory.

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You know what H.L. Mencken said about dachshunds:

Half a dog high and a dog and a half long …

The breed is so wonderful in all its odd proportion and the floppy ears. Gotta wonder what was going on with the genetic dog breeders when they were mating different dogs to get this particular variety. Maybe, one of the breeders had a kid that was a little off, but he wanted him to feel like he was contributing to society, so he asked the 12-year-old what his next dog creation should look like.

Renfro said “make him long and short … with floppy ears and piercing eyes.”

“Why Renfro? What possible use could a dog like that be to human society.”

“Well Dad, if I saw a dog like that, I would laugh and be filled with myrth, and that’s worth a lot if you ask me.”

The Dad thought about this for a minute, and decided the kid had a point. I mean all his utilitarian work with canines had been fine, and over the decades he had come up with numerous breeds that have served specific purposes for humans very well. But, he’d never entered into the realm of emotion. As he was getting on in years, and he was very happy with his life’s work, he decided Renfro had unwittingly given him the stuff of his crowning dog gene manipulation glory. Giving humanity a dog that would bring them cheer all year round. And, seven years, later a perfect specimen was born.

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Dachshund Through the Snow T Shirt

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Full transparency: I can’t spell Dachshund to save my life. I keep having to look it up. Don’t judge.