Cycling Octopus T Shirt

Cycling Octopus T Shirt. If you like bicycles and octopii you’re going to love this tee. Good for you for liking random things. Good for the universe for inspiring the designer to create something just for you. Enjoy!

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Do you think it’s nerve-racking to keep half your legs in the air keeping them out of the spokes of your tires. Seems like it might take some practice. How autonomous are those tentacle things? I mean is it the special octopus that can hold the handlebars with two, peddle with two, and keep four out of the way. Is it like the 3% of the population that can actually drum separate beats with separate hands?

Is it just a matter of reps?

Are there gruesome stories at the derelict park by the ocean with that expanse of asphalt where all the adventurous wannabe octocyclists practice.

“Yeah, then the tip of this leg was clipped off in the spoke, and the noise that emanated out of him was super spooky and unsettling.”

That octopus just jumped up onto the land, cruised around, dipped into a tide pool, and devoured a crab. After digesting, he went riding the 3-speed with a basket down the shoulder of the oceanside highway.

Cycling Octopus T Shirt: Sailors Always Carry a Bike or Two On Their Ship. Tradition.

Cycling Octopus T Shirt

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The octopus looks scary but really he just wants to ask the sailors if they have a bicycle he can borrow. He’d always dreamed about riding a bike. He’d heard stories from amphibious sea creatures like the, uh, smoolzen, that it was super fun. So, he wanted to give it a try.

What makes it extra difficult for him is that he’s a gigantic octopus, so conveying that he means no harm with any ability to communicate in the sailor’s language is near impossible.

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