Coming to Town Santa Is T Shirt (Yoda)


Coming to Town Santa Is T Shirt. Yoda talks funny. If you like the way Yoda talks dropping backwards wisdom, and you like Santa, and Christmas, then this shirt was made specifically for you. Like a cosmic coincidence.

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How come more people in those Star Wars movies aren’t like … Wha? Huh? What the hell are you saying little green dude. Just because you mix up the words in odd sequence, doesn’t mean you’re dropping knowledge. 

I get you can’t take shortcuts to wisdom, but having difficulty trying to understand what you’re f’in saying probably isn’t the definition of heroes journey. I don’t come out on the other side of translating your speech into something intelligible as a fully evolved man. 

It might take a little more than that. So, if you could speak normal, we could get on with fighting the enemy, slaying the dragon, confronting my evil father, or whatever. 

Still, wearing this shirt shows you’re in the holiday spirit and you dig some pop culture, which may be all you need to be accepted into many peer groups or by the potential lover of your choice. So, it’s probably a good idea to grab this one.

Or if it’s not your slice of liverwurst, then check out all the other hilarious Christmas Tees in the arsenal. There’s definitely something you need in there.

This Coming to Town Santa Is T Shirt Proves It

Coming to Town Santa Is T Shirt (Yoda)

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You’re a fun person to be around. You like the Star Wars. You dig the holidays. You are probably a giver of gifts. A seeker of knowledge. A woman or man of substance. That’s a lot of good stuff. And, it can all be misinterpretation, but you’ll probably be in deep enough to a new friend, lover, companion, work relationship, that it’s too late for them to back out without a ton of emotional baggage. 

So, this tee wear, and relational consequences later deal with. K? Yoda is watching.