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Come To Philly For the Crack T Shirt. Double meaning here. Wordplay for sale. Get your Philly crack right here. I think there’s a third way you can look at it too. All those cheesesteak eating football hooligans with their buttcracks peaking out from their jeans.

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It’s a cornucopia of Philly crack from which to choose from. What bounty. What choice. And what more could you ask for from a country based on individual liberty and freedom. That’s what the liberty bell is all about.

So, the history on the Liberty Bell, is it was rung after the Founding Fathers put together the Declaration of Independence in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Quite a coincidence the Hall was called that then a lion’s share of the work happened there.

So, to get out from under the yoke of British monarchal rule, which didn’t allow religious freedoms, and wanted taxation without representation, these heroes (under threat of death for treason) put together this document. On July 8, they rang the Liberty Bell to bring the citizens of Philly to the public square to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence by Colonel John Nixon.

Heady times my friends. Amazing. I liken it to the second revolution we are undergoing right now, releasing ourselves from the ever increasing Big Brother NWO state, which has slowly implemented the pieces to destroy this country, and move us into a One-World government under the control of a small group of elitist with superiority complexes, who think they know what’s best for you and the world’s population, including removing billions of people for a more sustainable future.

Sorry, off topic.

The bell was cracked to prevent expansion, but that tactic backfired because the crack grew, and eventually made it so they couldn’t actually ring the bell.

The bell really picked up its iconic status when abolitionists (you know those people that wanted to end slavery) used it as a symbol for their movement.

Come To Philly For the Crack T Shirt: Keep It Light and Humorous But Remember the Importance of the Symbol

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