Color Blind Problems T Shirt

Color Blind Problems T Shirt. Color blindness is no joke. It’s so nice of these Snorg Tees people to make a shirt with a dull gray pie chart, so they feel included. It’s all about inclusion. Think … how can you help brighten (ooh, bad word), uh, improve the day of those less color fortunate?

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Maybe pretend it’s Lent all the time and wear sackcloth and ashes every day. Grays. Browns. Maybe some potato sack, monk’s robe material. Black is probably okay, but I prefer a more depressive gray. Remember, you’re doing it for the color blind. They deserve for the entire world to be drab so they don’t feel left out.

If you see a colorful bird, probably you should try to shoot it. Publicly ostracize artists that use bright colors. Same with house painters.

So, if you want to support color blindness, you should buy this shirt. Then, since you’re probably flush with cash, since super generous people usually get it back fourfold, then you probably want to set your sites a more fine SnorgTees Reviews.

Totally ignore the colorful designs. I built that page before I totally knew about the tragedy of color blindness. I’m sorry.

Color Blind Problems T Shirt: She Seems a Little Sad About Being Colorblind. Be kind.

Color Blind Problems T-Shirt

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I guess there are glasses now that help with color blindness. That, to me, is a pretty amazing application of technology. It’s quite amazing. Science can be mind blowing. Think of going in a lab and cracking the code on special lenses that will interact with the cones and let people see colors as they are in nature.

Wait, is there a typical color that the majority of us see, and the color blind don’t. Or are we all seeing different colors. How would we even ever know really. My guess is we’re all seeing slightly different gradations of the same color. But, not exact. I could be wrong.