Christmas Things T Shirt (Stranger Things)

Christmas Things T Shirt (Stranger Things). Is this the demogorgon? I’m not familiar with the show, even though it’s like one of the hottest things going right now. Does The Monster morph into different shapes or creatures? This Xmas sweater design does feature a monster in the woods whatever it is.

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I heard that the first name for this show was Montauk, but that idea was quashed. Too close to reality. Apparently, a lot of the ideas for the show come from the CIA’s Montauk Project with a dash of Operation Paperclip, and a smidge of MK Ultra. This is all creepy documented stuff that our government was doing in secret.

If these things ever became part of the mainstream consciousness, the backlash would be tremendous. Perhaps then JFK’s dream of splintering the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scattering it to the winds would be realized.

Maybe I got a little too deep there. After all, it’s just a TV show about 80s kids and monsters depicted on a t-shirt.

When they say we’ve been in the golden age of television, they are probably right. The stuff being pumped out is rich, engaging, and very interesting.

Someone needs to tell me, which monster is featured in this design though. I feel ignorant. Maybe I’ll binge watch the show and figure it out.

Christmas Things T Shirt Featuring Those Crazy Stranger Things Kids on Bicycles

Christmas Things T Shirt (Stranger Things)

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I seriously am a big fan of the faux sweater tee shirt designs. I think they’re cool. First they pay homage to 8-bit culture while also tipping the cap to the ugly Xmas sweater phenomenon. Quite ingenious, and a great option to wear to one of your more informal holiday gatherings.

Or formal. Heck, shake it up a little. Wear a tie with the tee. Put on a tux with shorts. Go crazy. It’s Christmas! Enjoy!