Santa Claus Hat on Golf Tee Shirt

Santa Claus Hat on Golf Tee Shirt. Tee shirt. Am I right? Get it. Golf tee shirt. This is another design that tells the world that my hobby is very important to me. Even on Christmas I’m going to be out on the links somewhere in the world enjoying the perfect game.

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I get this extreme focus on a hobby stuff. Once you have your career sorted, or maybe you’re even retired, and the kids have been raised as healthy, productive citizens, and are out of the house, you have a lot of energy to devote to something. 

Basically, you’ve trained yourself to apply force to a problem or issue or task, and now the built in opportunity of a career or family raising is no longer there, so you have to point this learned skill at something. 

And, golf seems to be a real go to because there is so much to the game. Technique and serious mind control. I haven’t played much, but I know when I’m trying to hit the ball while I’m in my own head psyching myself out, the neighboring stucco village should probably beware. 

The potential for a ball crashing through their patio door is high. Now, if I’m just messing around with friends looking to get some sun, spend some time, and have some fun, and the SCORE is not important, I’m way more loose and hit the ball much better.

I can see where mastering the technical and mental aspects of the game can be a lifelong pursuit, plus you can network and stuff. Damn, now I’m talking myself into being a golfer. 

I’ll wait ’til I get 4 visits a week to my funny t-shirts for Christmas page, before I consider my financial career solved, then I hit the links.

You’re in the right place for cutting edge tee fashion advice and news, but Cheeze Tees is a little light on the golfing tips. For that I must advise you go elsewhere. I can say that it would probably be appropriate to wear this tee at this golf course. Might not be in December, because I’m guessing Wisconsin doesn’t keep its courses open during the winter.

Wear This Santa Claus Hat on Golf Tee Shirt and Let Everyone Know What Your Number One Priority in Life Is

Santa Claus Hat on Golf Tee Shirt

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