Christmas Pepe T Shirt

Christmas Pepe T Shirt. The frog that changed the world. The Internet is such a fascinating place. Memes are mind blowing. How did they develop so quickly. And Pepe the Frog. Whoa. He moped his way into the national political conversation. 

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I find it very fascinating. Pepe is not racist by the way. He’s a meme that captures a certain flavor of politics. It’s conservative, but not your grandfather’s conservative. It’s more libertarian. Live and let live. Minimal government. And there’s a playful side, which you don’t often see from more conservative people.

But this is the evolution. The more conservative youth, and, yes, they are out there. Maybe generation Z and the red pilled millennials, see what a shit show has come from overly liberal policies and big government. They don’t work. History tells this story over and over.

Pepe is the antidote.

Hey, I get it. If you’ve been brainwashed into thinking Pepe is a racist meme and throwing the thumb and forefinger hand sign means white power, then you should check out some of the less contentious funny Xmas tees I have curated for those with discriminating tastes.

I think we’re in a special time when a large swath of people leaning to the right in the United States have great senses of humor. This is a potent mix, and has not been seen, maybe ever.

Conservative people are generally more conscientious, getting the work done, but less open (thus less creative). This magical mix of both is a absolutely beneficial shot in the arm for the country.

Pepe is not a hate frog. He’s a sophisticated, wise, droopy faced creature, that sees through the kabuki theater of Capital Hill. He’s the rightful inhabitant of the swamp, and will move back in as soon as the corrupt beasts are cleared out.

Christmas Pepe T Shirt: Bring the Subslime Into Your Holidays

Christmas Pepe T Shirt

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