Christmas Nights T Shirt (Miami Nights: Nintendo)

Christmas Nights T Shirt. I have no idea what this Miami Nights Nintendo video game is all about. It does say something about singles in the city, so within that context Santa is probably having a lot of fun delivering the goods in Miami.

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He’s got the shades. He’s laying back. He’s pixelated to give it that nice Christmas sweater feel. If you clicked on this post because you saw the Santa and his sleigh design, but you’re not that interested in paying respects to what is probably a filthy, dirty, rated T for teen (but probably should be N for never in a million years look at this smut) video game, then, please, I implore you to check out the rest the not so rude Christmas tees I have found in my extensive journeys across the great lands on this planet.

Now, if you are here because you know exactly what’s going on with this tee design, and you’re a big fan of the Miami Nights: Singles in the City Nintendo DS, then this shirt is probably for you.


You ever wonder about the exact moment video game executives capitulated to the in the know video game designers, who were trying to convince them that it was best to turn this innocent little form of entertainment into the lascivious dreams of teenage boys?

I’m sure there was hesitation, but there was one open-minded C-Suite dude that said, yeah, throw in cleavage and super excess violence and see what happens. Boom. Nailed it. Target market rabid for more and more. 

Video games become one biggest industries in the world. I guess it seems obvious now, but it there was probably much trepidation at first. I hope this doesn’t ruin our reputation and make the parents of our consumers furious, so they take their hard-earned money elsewhere. 

Christmas Nights T Shirt: Santa Looks a Little Warm

Christmas Nights T Shirt

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