Christmas Corgi T Shirt

Christmas Corgi T Shirt. Is that corgi trying to eat the mistletoe on top of that fruit cake? Now, if that isn’t the most holidayific thing I’ve seen in years. C’mon all your Corgi and Xmas fans. This shirt was made for you.

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No but seriously, is mistletoe poisonous to dogs? I feel like basically all red berries in the wild that aren’t eatin’ fruit are more poisonous than them lickin’ frogs.

Why the hell am I typing in a Southern accent? I think I got knocked out of whack when I tried to plaster on an ific to the word holiday. It took a lot of time and didn’t come out right.

My only hope of putting my head back together may be to visit this page chock full of Christmas Tees that are super funny.

Did you know Corgi’s have the highest IQ of all dogs? And that in probably 20 years they’ll be able to drive, which is a little too late, because self-driving cars will have taken over from there.

Evolution and survival of the species is amazing and all. And the amount change a species goes through over the millennia is astounding, but even if you rise up to all the challenges and adapt rather than die, you can just be a little off.

It’s like buying Bitcoin at its all time high. You may lose half your investment in the matter of hours, and never see that money again.

But, hey, I bet they’ll still have cars you can drive in the circus or some other freak show. The Corgi may still be able to show off his amazing road skills.

Christmas Corgi T Shirt: Hey Porgy the Corgi, Drive to the Store and Get me Some Fruit Cake

Christmas Corgi T-Shirt

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What? You don’t believe me about the highest IQ thing. Oh, you looked it up. Aren’t you thorough and anally OCD. Nice. Don’t even talk to me about Border Collies, Standard Poodles, and German Shepherds….Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!