Celebrate Diversity Booze T Shirt

Celebrate Diversity Booze T Shirt. Love this one. This is about the only forced diversity I will accept. Otherwise, race, color, gender, creed over merit doesn’t sit very well with me. I know. I know. At some point in a culture’s history you need to enforce quotas, but that is not the case in 2018.

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Okay that got a little preachy, but I get fired up with this. Diversity is our strength is foolish. Yes, having a good mix of people is great as long as they’re willing to assimilate to the predominant culture of the country they immigrate to. Otherwise, diversity is destruction.

But, let’s talk about booze. Ha. Ha. I cannot handle hard alcohol. At all. It makes me feel funny. My feet puff up and tingle. And that’s just from sniffing the glass.

I like that each of these bottles has a hat. That’s clever and a nice touch.

  • Tequila wears a sombrero.
  • Vodka dons one of those thick, furry Russian hats.
  • Whiskey has a cowboy hat.
  • Rum sports a pirate hat.
  • Gin looks dashing in a top hat.

I guess gin is the only one I don’t totally follow. Is gin more of a sophisticate beverage? I don’t even know. The only thing that’s popping in my mind thinking about gin is gin and juice, which I’m pretty sure is not often associated with hoity toity people. I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think I am.

Maybe gin and tonic is where we start seeing top hats and canes and such. Well that and that anthropomorphic peanut.

Is your favorite booze represented on this shirt? Do you like one more than the others? Was an egregious error made in forgetting your fave. Absinthe? Moonshine? What hats would those wear? So, many questions, and I need answers, which you should type into the comments below.

Celebrate Diversity Booze T Shirt: Hey That’s Alice the Legend. Yay!

Celebrate Diversity Booze T-Shirt

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