Catcus T Shirt

Catcus T Shirt. Wordplay. Cats. Cactus. Goodness. I couldn’t have asked for more good stuff on one simple shirt. It packs a huge pleasure punch. All it took was switching two letters. Amazing.

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Do you think someone thought of this on purpose, or was it an accidental mispronunciation. Maybe it was a small child pointing at a saguaro in the Tucson foothills.

Or a hairy man with a speech impediment asking his friend to pull the cholla out from between his fingers.

Whatever the case, happy accident or laser-focused intentional creativity, it’s magic. Divine. And you should get the damn thing immediately.


God. I used to live in the desert. I don’t miss cactus at all. Now, if there had been catcuses I might feel differently. Am I right?

Hey, before I go on I have a little story to tell about the most amazing funny t shirts in the world. Once upon a time there was a home page that featured the greatest tee shirts in the world.

Catcus T Shirt: I’m Not Happy About This Shirt … At All

cat photo

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I like how the catcus is see through, and potted. And looks super happy about it. Like, I’m fulfilling the exact purpose for which  I was placed on this Earth. Feels good. I’m in the zone. The flow is strong.

You only need to water me like once a month. I don’t make annoying human baby-mimicking yowling noises to make you feed me. I’m the perfect plet. Plat. I’m trying to mix pet and plant here. It’s not easy because there are a lot of similar letters. Pelatt. Petplant. There you go. I went with all the letters. That totally works.

Cats. Cats. Cats and cactus. And booze. That story involves booze too. So, that’s quite a combination. Hallelujah.