Canadian Geese T Shirt

Canadian Geese T Shirt. They say “honk, eh.” This makes sense. That’s what all creatures from Canada say, eh. I’m trying to wrap my mind around the market for this shirt. I like it because I’m a dork that likes random shirts. I suppose that’s probably the market. Dorks who appreciate Canadians.

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I live in Wisconsin which is pretty close to Canada, and we get a lot of Canadian geese. There’s a pond by my work and there are certain geese times that pond walkers watch out for.

There’s a time during the year where they crap over everything. There’s a brick eating area by the pond it looks like they had the most wicked rave party the night before, but instead of ecstasy each goose participant had green burritos.

It’s amazing how much crap these birds can produce.

There’s another time of year where they’ve laid some eggs and are protective of the young ones. They will definitely come after you with a ferocity. It’s kind of menacing. I figured out how to counteract it though.

Just make yourself big and make some noise. Raise your arms over your head and move them around. They back down pretty quick. Even the parent instinct withers against insurmountable force.

Finally, there’s the time of year, and these all may be different parts of Spring, where they fly on the roof and honk at you as you walk in the building. Kind of a good morning serenade.

Crazy birds, eh. Here’s some good information about Canadian Geese that will really get you in the shirt featuring birds buying mood.

Canadian Geese T Shirt: Because You Need to Celebrate This Majestic Creature, Eh

Canadian Geese T Shirt

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