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Buy Me Brunch T Shirt. Sometimes you have to ask for exactly what you want. No waffling (unless they are part of brunch), no obfuscation, no hemming nor hawing. Simply asking straight up for food in the hour between breakfast and lunch.

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Now, I’m not condoning using a gun to force the person with the money to comply. That makes for an uncomfortable meal normally. I’m guessing. I’ve never purchased brunch or eaten any meal for that matter at gunpoint. Maybe it’s cool. Maybe it’s like … I’m sustaining my body while under eminent threat to lose my life and this mortal meat puppet. I’m so hungry. This is the most delicious food I have ever had. It’s like heightened sense awareness.

Really, I prefer not to find out.

Did you know that mooshing two words into one creates a word called a portmanteau. And, did you know that brunch first started out as breakfast for hunters?

Makes sense. They get up way early in the morning to go kill some food. They’re famished when they get back, so they have a huge, hearty meal.

So, maybe that gun is just an homage to the hunting roots of brunch, and not a scary threat. Though, I don’t think those hunters were using pistols. I could be wrong. I don’t know much about hunting.

Wish I did. Seems like a right of passage that I missed. I guess the next best thing is demanding brunch with a gun.

Buy Me Brunch T Shirt: And There Better Be Eggs, Potatoes, Pancakes, Coffee, Orange Juice, and Some Sort of Pork Product

Buy Me Brunch T Shirt

Buy Now: Buy Me Brunch T Shirt

The topic I haven’t brought up relating to this shirt, is the whole one night stand with a stranger, who turns out to be an irresponsible gun owner. Whoops. Can’t win them all. But, maybe if you pick up the tab you can live to see another day.

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