Bushwood National T Shirt

Bushwood National T Shirt. Caddyshack! Carl Spackler! Great movie. Now, you can give it a little subtle shout out with this very fine design. Plus, there’s a little nod to whack-a-mole, which is pretty fantastic too. Get it. Now!

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Such a classic movie. Murray is at his finest playing the obsessed groundskeeper hell bent on destroying a pesky gopher, who is digging up the pristine Bushwood National golf course.

Spackler is a little psycho right there. I wonder how long it took Murray to come down from playing that weirdo. I wonder if you get in character for weeks at a time for a shoot, then have a hard time getting out.

Eating dinner with the family, shaping the mashed potatoes into a gopher shape and crushing it with the wine bottle. Mildred Mother Murray getting globs of potato on her eyelid. But, she understands. Bill’s like this for a while after a movie.

She’s never actually seen any of his films because they’re bawdy, raunchy comedies, which isn’t really her bag.

Bushwood National T Shirt: It’s Good For Your Soul to Take Your Job Seriously Like Carl Spackler

Bushwood National T Shirt
Photo by Mitchypop

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Seriously. Even if the job is menial, mundane, and way beneath you. Give it your all. It’s good practice. It makes you better. You’ll be more prepared to take on more challenging and, hopefully, lucrative career challenges in the future.

Let Spackler’s passion be a lesson, except for the part where he blows up the place. Maybe skip that part.

But, do get so wrapped up in your mission that it seems weird to outsiders. You know you’re doing something right when people are giving you side eye and giving you a wide berth. Most just can’t handle the Eye of the Tiger.

Your new prospective boss will though.

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