Bono Can’t Live Here With or Without You T Shirt

Bono Can’t Live Here With or Without You T Shirt. How do people even know this song? Is it on regular oldies rotation. I guess U2 is still a thing and still one of the most popular bands in the world, so one of the most memorable tunes in the catalog will be appreciated for generations to come.

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Nice design though. Funny. Great use of the Venn Diagram. Important message to let the world know about. Well they probably already know but sometimes you have to remind people about the fundamental truths and the timeless wisdom.

People forget. They start to slip into the morass if they don’t get reminders to stay on the straight and narrow, and to remember what Bono had to say.

Damn I loved that band back in the day. War. Boy. Unforgettable Fire. Joshua Tree. Then it started to get a little sketch.

I saw them a few times. Once during the filming of the film Rattle & Hum in Tempe Arizona. Good show. Interesting movie. Music not as good, but not bad.

Saw them again when they started to tweak their sound with Achtung Baby. Some big arena show. Good stuff. But, again, this wasn’t War.

Bono Can’t Live Here With or Without You T Shirt: Venn Diagram for the Win

Bono Can't Live Here With or Without You T-Shirt

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I was trying to get out of here before I spilled the beans on this story, but for at least a couple years in a row, I sat by myself in the dark in my room and was sad on New Year’s Eve and sang at the top of my cracking voice. There might have been tears.

I had no real reason to be sad. Just some emo college shit. I got over it. Although, I sort of feel it coming over me again. It’s not New Year’s, but I am sitting in my room alone. Uh, please excuse me.