Blessed Narwhal T Shirt

Blessed Narwhal T Shirt. If you see three Narwhals jumping out of the waves in perfect unison as the sun sets in a beautiful ocean setting, you can certainly consider yourself blessed.

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I can’t get Elf out of my mind when I think of a narwhal.

“Bye Buddy. Hope you find your dad.”

Wait, are narwhal really that big. His tusk is taller than Buddy, and Buddy’s like 6’4″.

Hey, I’m back after 17 hours of deep Internet narwhal research. They are usually 13 to 18 feet long not counting the tusk. And they weigh 1,760 to 3,530 pounds. That’s a pretty big animal. I guess most whales are, and, yes, narwhal’s are whales despite missing the “e”.

That tusk can be 5 to 10 feet long, and is basically a left canine tooth gone rogue. The things are off center. Seems like they’d be quite cumbersome, but if you live up to 50 years you have time to get used to them. Although, the keep growing over the years. I bet there’s a narwhal out there right now with a 20-foot tusk. That’s crazy.

Plus, they’re starting to discover that the tusk are super sensitive and are probably taking in masses of sensory data from the water they’re traversing. That’s crazy. Some day you’ll be able to download data off a narwhal and know a ton about the oceans.

I feel like science is going to discover more and more of that type of stuff.

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Blessed Narwhal T Shirt: Perfect Clay Rendering of the Elusive Water Creature

Blessed Narwhal T Shirt
Photo by Do the things you cannot do

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That sculpture makes me laugh for some reason. It’s cute and sloppy and perfect. Do you sculpt? Let me know in the comments. It’s important.