Bill Murray American Flag Doo Rag T Shirt

Bill Murray American Flag Doo Rag T Shirt. Yes, it’s Bill Murray with mirror shades sporting his patriotic head gear. Indeed. Bill’s a good guy. Have we heard him virtue signalling to the media. I’m not sure we have, but I might be wrong.

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What is it about that guy? Bill Murray. He’s like the everyman of actors. Has the common touch. Super hilarious. Great snarky schtick. Great look with that acne pock marked face. Alcoholic nose.

And, of course, he just shows up to normal places and hangs out.

Let’s not forget a damn fine actor. Does tremendous work in Wes Anderson films and Jim Jarmusch films. And other films. See how I started calling them films when I got to talking about those more artsy directors. I mean not way out there, but not mainstream.

Anyways … who can forget this scene?

That’s a good movie right there. Coffee & Cigarettes. Serious delirium.

Bill Murray American Flag Doo Rag T Shirt: Buy the Shirt Or Just Look at This Pic of Him in a Floppy Hat Playing the Guitar

Bill Murray American Flag Doo Rag T Shirt
Photo by Azimo

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I’m giving you a choice right now. No hard sell. You don’t have to buy this shirt. You can just enjoy the Bill Murray vibe right here on this blog post. Watch the movie clip. Soak in that rock ‘n roller pic. Do what you need to do?

I mean, if you don’t get the shirt, what are you gonna talk about next time you go out? Nothing?!?!?

What about next 4th of July. What’re you going to do then? Talk about hot dogs and fireworks. Pfthhhthshthshthhhhttsshhh.

You need to talk about your Bill Murray shirt. Okay, now it is getting kind of hard sell right here. I’m trying to improve your life. Get this shirt!

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