Because America That’s Why T Shirt

Because America That’s Why T Shirt. It’s as good of an explanation for behavior as any I suppose. Especially if it is awesome behavior. Or awesome inventions. Or awesome music. Or awesome other stuff. Because America.

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This is a snarky shirt, but for real, I am so grateful to be an American. Land of the free. Home of the brave. The absolutely amazing experiment in human liberty. Freedom. Civil rights. Freedom of speech. The bill of rights. Inalienable rights. Self evident.

Can you tell I can’t remember that exact phraseology so I’m throwing out the bits that are coming to my head? But, damn, the founders of this country were divinely inspired. How about that Constitution. Right?

Now, it’s incumbent upon the current generation to be vigilant and fight for the country, because it is was on the brink. Another eight years of America-hating, treasonous, rackateering, globalist bullshit and we might have been down for the count.

But, thank the Lord we elected Donald Trump and have a right to clean up some of the corruption. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to get ugly. But, it has to be done, even if we have to amputate some important limbs … like say different assorted three-letter intelligence agencies or certain banks that sound like they’re part of the government but aren’t.

Let’s stop funding wars. And dealing drugs. And acting complicit in some of the most horrific human behavior across the planet. More precisely, let’s purge the bad elements that are doing this under the great banner of the American flag. Are you with me? Keep supporting your President and I think it will happen.

Anyways … I like to think wearing this shirt puts you in the mood to stand up and fight for what’s right. The continuance of the greatest nation ever.

Because America That’s Why T Shirt: So Don’t Even Ask

Because America That's Why T Shirt

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