Beach Better Have My Money T Shirt

Beach Better Have My Money T Shirt. Nice little wordplay combined with the beach metal detector phenomenon. Have you been to Youtube lately. Of course, you have. There are dozens and dozens of channels devoted to looking for crap on the beach.

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It’s not just for old crusty weirdo dudes any more. There are super cute girls, and dudes using the metal detecting as an excuse to strike up conversations with babes in bikinis.

It’s incredible. I always sort of made fun of metal detector people and their quixotic quest for life changing treasure. But, it turns out you can make a few bucks while enjoying fresh air and sunshine, which doesn’t sound half bad. I’m almost sold.

Actually, I think I’d rather just wear this t-shirt because it’s funny. And, because it references a Rianna song. Video below. Note the warning about nudity, harsh language, and violence. Some serious adult themes going on here.

For some reason I always thought this was a lyric about a pimp and one of his hoes. But, this is about this like horror film of a music video. I think I’d rather just wear the shirt, and let other people think about the associations with that song.

Beach Better Have My Money T Shirt: Old Guy Can’t Get Over That Cash He Lost Decades Ago

Beach Better Have My Money T-Shirt

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A question that comes to mind is did the old guy lose some money on the beach? Maybe it was like 47 years ago, and he can’t let it go. Maybe the money that slipped out of his pocket was going to pay for the creamsicle for that lovely girl he was smitten with.

He took her to the snacks stand but didn’t have the money. She made the decision, right then and there, to never have dealings with this fool again. He was crushed, and promised himself he’d find that damn money one day.

He’s actually never found a penny of it. More bottle caps than you can imagine, but no cash money. Pretty sure it was $1.25, so that’s not a real good success percentage after walking the beach 365 days a year for 47 years.

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