Bat and Robin T Shirt (Batman & Robin)

Bat and Robin T Shirt (Batman & Robin). This is a solid tshirt. Makes me laugh every time I look at it. There’s something funny about a bat teaming up with a robin to go fight crime. I feel like they would be terrible at maintaining the rule of law amongst the more hard core criminal element in the big city.

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People have a natural fear and revulsion to bats and birds flying around their heads. That is true. So, for an instant interruption of a crime in progress, these two might be of some use.

But, if there are millions of dollars at stake. Or an opportunity to grab hold of intoxicating power, like say the Deep State has right now, Bat and Robin are not solving the problem. Someone is going to figure out an important instrument to carry with when committing crimes in these two crime fighters district is a tennis racket.

Swat. Swat. And that irritation is gone. Right. I mean what’s in that bat belt. Some fuzz. That bat ain’t carrying anything of substance. And that robin. Probably can’t even see or breath with that mask on. Probably only thinking about how he should have woken up earlier to get the worm. Screw this ineffectual crime fighting stuff.

To be fair, those two are probably just as good at fighting crime as the goobers in the original show. Those two couldn’t do a damn thing, except look like goofy dweebs. No crime was reduced with them on the scene. Zero.

I mean, the fakey make believe world of TV had them as heroic, but we know what’s what. They did nothing.

Hey, also, did you know the reboot movie in 1997 was terrible?

Bat and Robin T Shirt (Batman & Robin)

Bat and Robin T Shirt (Batman & Robin)

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