Bad Ass Bald Eagle T Shirt

Bad Ass Bald Eagle T Shirt. If you’re the kind of person to search for Bald Eagle wearing a patch and  adorned with multiple ARs and stars, you probably don’t need much prompting to get this one. It delivers exactly what you’re looking for.

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For the rest of you, who probably searched for something like bad ass American Eagle ass kicker … again this t-shirt is for you. Plus, you probably already have those saturated print tshirts where the eagle and the lightning bolts look photo realistic, and those are nice (in fact I feature a few on this funny America t shirt page), but sometimes you need something more subdued without sacrificing the badassery.

That’s a cool video. Unalaska, Alaska is basically infested with bald eagles. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one in the wild, whereas these people up North basically don’t remember a day where they didn’t get harassed or shat on by one. And, they love it because ‘Merica dammit.

You would love it too, unless you’re a commie. Then, you would probably cry and move to a liberal enclave in the Pacific Northwest or one of the cities on this list. Bye.

Bad Ass Bald Eagle T Shirt: These Majestic Soft Focus Action Paintings Are Sweet

Bad Ass Bald Eagle T Shirt

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I feel like I want this shirt to do exercise in. Proudly. With vigor and vitality and an extra bounce my step. Not wearing headphones, so I can engage forthrightly with everyone who even ventures to pick at the artwork on my ever-expanding chest.

I did not say gut. Who told you? What? Nothing. No, I don’t have an ever expanding gut. So what if I did? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things. Maybe I get excited when I eat because I’m such a patriot, and I’m so thankful for the abundance of food. Did you think of that?