Aw Baby Seal T Shirt

Aw Baby Seal T Shirt. Can you believe it. How cute! Who ever would have thought a Jaws callout t-shirt could be considered super cute. This genius design pulled it off.

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It’s the deep dark eyes that always get me with the seals. You look into those pools and you see infinity. And then they do that barking belch thing and your blasted away with the rotting fish corpse smell. The cuteness goes away and you remember you’re dealing with a wild, smelly animal.

So, it’s not a romantic thing with me and the seals. Just a respect and admiration.

That scene ruined the ocean for so many people. Plus, it’s ruined for me ‘cuz me OCD kicks in. It’s getting dark. How the hell is she going to find all of her clothes when she’s done swimming? Guess it turns out not to be a problem. Maybe Jaws was just trying to tell her: “you should put your clothes in a nice pile.”

What’s also a little weird with that opening scene is that it’s kind of sexy. Chrissie taking off all her clothes as she runs across the beach and skinny dips in the moonlight. Furtive shots of nakedness and such. And then boom. Shark time.

Makes you feel kind of weird. Psychotic almost. Guess that’s what Spielberg was going for.

Aw Baby Seal T Shirt: Don’t Seals Have Strong Jaws. And Can’t They Do Gator Rolls. Maybe Not So Cute.

Aw Baby Seal T Shirt
Photo by Ed Bierman

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Let’s not judge too soon. A seal could do some serious damage to a naked human swimmer. He make look real cute but what are his intentions? I’m a naturally skeptical person. But, maybe this swimmer is okay because she’ll piled her clothes on the beach properly.

I can’t get a good enough look to see if there is boob in this shirt. Probably artfully avoided.

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