Avodillo T Shirt

Avodillo T Shirt. This shirt is so damn pleasing to look at. The rough skin of the avocado, matched with the armadillo armor. And the names are alike. And, even the shape. Whoever came up with this is awesome.

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If you didn’t know what an avocado was you’d think from the looks of a Hass that it was some leathery inedible tree lumpage. And, oh how wrong you would be. The next more curious guy that walked by maybe plucked one and opened it up.

Assuming it was the season and the avocado was ripe (wait do avocados ripen on the tree? I’m not sure they do but let’s go with this hypothetical dammit stop asking questions). He gets this smooth, rich, delicious treat. Picks 20 more for later.

He catches up to the “read a book by its cover” guy and mashes a handful of the precious fatty gift from God right in his face. Dude nearly falls off his horse. Can’t understand what the stuff is, accidentally tastes it, and wonders what the hell has been smeared on his face.

He and his buddy have a good laugh, but the buddy doesn’t share. Tells him to go back and get his own. It’s getting late but skeptic rides back 20 miles. Picks a couple dozen, falls asleep in the orchard and wakes with remarkably smooth facial skin (‘cuz the avo mask was smeared on his face and he’s a cowboy without a mirror, so he probably didn’t wipe it all off).

I sort of got lost in avocado revere and forgot about the armadillo, which might be one of the ugliest creatures to walk the face of the Earth. It’s weird I’m stating that, because when I conjure one up in my mind it seems kind of cute.

But, look at thing below. Those claws. The snaky rodent face. Ugly huge ears. The cumbersome poorly fitting shell. The unsightly hairs sprouting randomly. That thing is gross.

Avodillo T Shirt: He’s Trying to Be Cute Here, But Still Looks Like Hot Garbage

Avodillo T Shirt
Photo by MyFWCmedia

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