Avocado Merry Christmas T Shirt

Avocado Merry Christmas T Shirt. You know the thing that jumps out at me immediately setting my gaze upon this fine design, is that that avocado is cut in half. Is that normal? Do anthropomorphic fruits normally get cut in half as part of their transformation?

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Don’t get me wrong. He looks happy and strangely rotund for only being half himself, but the light green coloring suggests he’s been cut in half, like you do when you want to enjoy the delicious flavor of God’s finest fruit.

Wait, why are you looking at me like that? Is it because I’m saying this cheery little avo chap is walking around after being cut in half and that seems macabre. Or is it that I call avocados fruits? Is that what’s really getting to you?

Look it up.

Hey, lets not get controversial. I just want to get along. How about we forget about this little misunderstanding? In fact, why don’t you go check out the rest of my amazing collection of funny Christmas T-shirts. It’s totally worth it.

I sort of have an issue with that song. Why? Because it says peel the avocado like you’re gonna peel it like an orange or something. Heinous. You gotta cut it in half. Of course, then we’re back to the argument I was having with that prickly guy above, so let me stop right there.

Guacamole for Christmas is delicious. Gabby the Cali girl knows what’s up.

Avocado Merry Christmas T Shirt

Avocado Merry Christmas T Shirt

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Is it insensitive to talk about guacamole in front of this cute little avocado? I’m not sure, it’s one of life’s more vexing philosophical questions.

I will say that that turtle neck, fuzzy sweater, with the Christmas tree, reindeer, hearts, and 8-bit snowflakes, is lovely. So, maybe that will smooth over the faux pas with the mentioning the mashing up, seasoning, scooping, and eating (horror) of the poor little guy.