Ask Me About My Video Game Achievements T Shirt

Ask Me About My Video Game Achievements T Shirt. There are certain words used in particular contexts that just get me. Achievements is one of them, especially when talking about video game accomplishments. Do you agree? Or maybe you really want to trigger convos about your actual video game exploits. Either way works.

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Another word is activities. I wonder if starting with an “a” has something to do with it. Probably not. But, when the homemade bunk beds have opened up The Step Brothers room for more activities and had the same tickling of my funny bone as I get with this design.

This shirt takes on a whole new meaning, when you have stadiums full of people watching video game tournaments, and gamers are making life-changing money broadcasting their gaming over twitch. It’s a real question. Not something to take lightly.

People may stand there and actually listen, with interest, to your recounting off all the Skyrim successes you had.

Nah, I’m not going that far. Nobody gives a shit. That’s why the shirt is super funny.

Screw sports and amazing athletic achievements. Let’s become fans of nerds sitting in front of monitors for 14 hours a day. I guess throwing a ball in a hoop and shooting enemies on a screen, at face value, sound about the same in terms of worth to society.

But, dammit, we need our entertainment and distractions.

Ask Me About My Video Game Achievements T Shirt: She Played Ms. Pacman to 2.5 Minutes at a Pizza Hut Once

Ask Me About My About My Video Game Achievements T-Shirt

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I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude, but that woman modeling this tee has never played a video game in her life. You can tell by the structure of her prominent jaw. That’s not a video game player. Prove me wrong. You can’t.

Don’t let the choice of model bother you. There are still fantastic things about this shirt you need to recognize and appreciate and support by spending your hard-earned cash to get it.

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