Ask Me About My Beaver Flip Up T Shirt

Ask Me About My Beaver Flip Up T Shirt. Do the kids even know about the beaver reference any more? Is that still a thing in 2018? I’m mean it’s not necessary that they do, because this is an amazing flip t-shirt with a cute little beaver, which is enough.

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The innuendo here is rich. I guess more intriguing if it’s a woman wearing the shirt, but still a convo started if a dude has it on.

Now, if you are a woman and someone bites and asks you about your beaver, it would be pretty special if you lifted your shirt without anything underneath. Then, they see the beaver and the boobs, and have a moment of confusion and happiness. And maybe they run away. Or maybe they questions. Who knows how people will react in extreme moments like this.

Did I just type that out loud? This is all so lewd. Why am even featuring this? Probably because it’s funny and I specialize in funny tees.


Nature is pretty fascinating I tell you. I didn’t know beavers teeth are orange because they’re fortified with iron. I didn’t quite see but it looked like one of those beavers chewed through a substantial branch in like 2.5 seconds. Some sharp ass teeth.

Ask Me About My Beaver Flip Up T Shirt: You Don’t Have to Look as Good as This Model to Wear This Shirt and Execute the Flip

Ask Me About My Beaver Flip Up T Shirt

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But it helps. Be this fit or super fat. Anything in between isn’t as entertaining. I don’t think I’m ready physically to own this tee, but I think I’ll get it anyway just for motivation to put on another 30 pounds, so I’m super fat and gross when I show people my beaver.

You probably want to know more about beaver pelts now. It would be funny if a beaver pelt was sewn on the inside of the shirt where the beaver now is. If someone asked you about your beaver, you could get sad and say she’s dead, and then lift the shirt. That got dark real quick. Geez. Nevermind.