And So We Said Unto Felicia Bye T Shirt (Friday)

And So We Said Unto Felicia Bye T Shirt (Friday). This, my friend, is a seriously goofy shirt. We have some Egyptian-looking lady waving bye to whom we’re supposed to believe is a fellow Egyptian named Felicia.

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So, this lady pictured on the shirt here is being catty to some other lady, dismissively saying bye. It’s cold. It’s humiliating if you’re on the side that’s taking the abuse. It’s unexpected, but sometimes people want to let you know that you mean less than nothing to them at that moment.

Sad harsh truth of life, and if you have a problem with it, maybe talk to the screenwriter of the movie Friday.

It’s really fun to say “Bye Felicia.” True story. If someone is saying some stupid shit you don’t want to hear just say it. It’s fun. They’ll laugh (and hopefully still leave but not with a bitter heart, but with a head shaking … that asshole, he’s funny, and I probably should leave because I was acting like a fool).

That’s the power of “Bye Felicia.” You can be jokey fake but sorta serious rude, keep your friendships light, and get them to leave you alone. Perfect. Genius.

Wearing this shirt helps. In fact, Snorg Tees has all kinds of shirts that can help you in a variety of tricky social situations. Don’t believe me. Go look for yourself. No really. Go.

Bye Felicia.

And So We Said Unto Felicia Bye T Shirt (Friday)

And So We Said Unto Felicia Bye T Shirt (Friday)
Photo by arol lightfoot ♥ trying to catch up♥

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True story. I was looking for a second related image to this post. Not sure why I thought I could find something even remotely related, but the painting above popped up. That could be a Felicia begging to drive your car or smoke your weed.

The nose ring is a dead giveaway.