And May Your Christmases Bea White T Shirt (Golden Girls: Bea Arthur and Betty White)

And May Your Christmases Bea White T Shirt. Get the wordplay here? Bea Arthur = Be. Betty White = White. So, interesting that this is considered a positive blessing. It’s akin to saying may you freeze your ass off every Christmas ’til you die. Oh, and Happy New Year.

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I mean, the song is called White Christmas, so you can’t expect them to wish that you might have enough disposable income to be able to afford jetting the fam to Barbados right as the air starts to feel a little nippy in the MKE.

Here’s Bing Crosby singing White Christmas. You can’t blame people for wanting a little snow on Xmas. It’s traditional. It looks nice when it’s fresh. Just don’t tell me about it five days in when it hasn’t melted and looks like it’s sponged up every exhaust fume from miles around. Black and dirty and cold and slippery.

But, that initial snow fall is very peaceful and beautiful. If you can get some of that on Christmas I’m down. Also, if you can throw in a few more funny Christmas tees from this list, it’s heaven on Earth. Plus some egg nog.

And here’s a clip from The Golden Girls and these iconic actors. Do you think they prefer being called actors or actresses? Back in their hay days I’m sure it was actresses. Do they want to keep it like that or go with the more modern actors for women? Can somebody with connections get to the bottom of this.

Is there anything else you need to know to make an informed decision about purchasing this tee? How about some Golden Girl minutia?

And May Your Christmases Bea White T Shirt: Actually a Pro Gay Marriage Tee

And May Your Christmases Bea White T-Shirt (Bea Arthur and Betty White)

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Maybe Bea Arthur married Betty White and took her last name. You thought this was just a cute wordplay t-shirt but in reality it’s a celebration of the actors’ marriage.

They were married on Christmas, which is why you have the Christmas look and feel and messaging.

Damn. I’m a super detective like Magnum P.I.