American Beer Can T Shirt

American Beer Can T Shirt. I like the cartoonish connection between patriotism and beer drinking. There is a lot of that in the America F*** Yeah subculture. A lot of it is ironic, but there is certainly a sliver of Americans that are all about drinkin’, shootin’, and lovin’ freedom. I’m cool with this.

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The ironic, sarcastic shit, I would have been down with in my 20s, but I’m done with that now. Okay 20s and 30s. But, now that I’m old as dirt I don’t really have time for that. Be into the beer and America for real, or go be a Smartwater commie elsewhere.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of drinking beverages out of cans. There’s too much surface area on the top of the can for rat piss in large, Midwest warehouses. Or mouse shit. And, then there’s the whole aluminum thing. Your beverage leaching out all the toxicity and you drinking it down to your ultimate demented demise.

Wait, who sounds like a commie now? I like bottles! Does that count? Pitchers? Mugs? Can I get a pass?

American Beer Can T Shirt: Yes America Can Get Out From Under the Heavy, Dark, Dirty Crud Piled On By Years of Globalist Leadership

American Beer Can T Shirt

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I like the can do attitude this shirt encourages. Yes, I can still be productively patriotic, stand up for individual rights, and the rule of law, and be pleasantly buzzed on some good microbrew.

Now, come on. You have to be with me on this. You don’t drink that piss water swill like Budweiser or Miller or Coors or whatever. Right? Right! I guess plenty of fine Americans do, so I’m gonna try not to be a snob about it. Carry on.


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