Addicted to Placebos T Shirt

Addicted to Placebos T Shirt. This is a sharp piece of humor right here. But, I bet there are actually people that are addicted to placebos. And, you’re probably saying, “Yeah, that’s why they made the niche shirt. Specifically for them genius.

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No, but really. I bet there are people that guide their own placebo effect. So, they buy their own empty gel caps, fill them with fenugreek and soy sauce, and then get hit with a psychedelic high comparable to low dose mescal. All with the power of their mind and suggestion. And, well, a little kick start from that fenugreek.

Beware of the bloatation and gas. Too much fenugreek ain’t no joke.

Placebo effect is fascinating and it makes clinical trials of drugs much more difficult. Soon, we’ll probably be able to just heal ourselves with our minds … and a little A.I. nanorobot traveling around in your blood. Super cool, except for the part where the CIA will also be using that nanorobot to control your mind.

But, hey, at least you got rid of the acne on your temples.

Some interesting stuff in that video. Placebo effect with help with pain half as much as an aspirin in a controlled test. But, it will also be half as effective as morphine in a trial with that much stronger pain reliever. That’s kind of crazy.

Addicted to Placebos T Shirt: Wouldn’t It Be Crazy If Kicking Placebos Was As Hard As Kicking Heroin?

Addicted to Placebos T-Shirt

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You’re scratching. Feel like tearing your eyes out. Your head is screaming. You need some more of that shit. Throwing up in a bucket. How are you going to make it three days like this. Give me my placebos. I don’t want to get clean. Fuck this. Let me out. I didn’t really want to get clean.

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