Abraham Lincoln Merica T Shirt

Abraham Lincoln Merica T Shirt. Let’s go through what is featured on this shirt. Of course, Abe Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents ever. Two-fisted beer drinking through straws. American flag. Mirrored sunglasses. T Rex. Eagle. Pizza drones flying out of the stovepipe hat. An amazing sunset colored background.

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And, he’s shooting guns with his third and fourth arms, which is pretty much spectacular. Or maybe that’s a helper doing the gun thing. I don’t recall hearing about Abe having four arms, but the news media wasn’t like it is today. No TV cameras or social media. That kind of information may have slipped through the cracks of history.

This, of course, is just speculation. He was a tall dude. Maybe he had a short assistant, who’s holding on to the T Rex for dear life with his legs, and shooting the guns as per Lincoln’s request.

He knew how to make an entrance. That’s for sure. Quite the spectacle. The beard. The hat. The dinosaur.

What history didn’t forget, I hope, was the Emancipation Proclamation. Ending slavery was cool.

I’m sure there are things I’m missing in this design. I’ll need to go over it 32 more times to catch everything. There’s a lit up geometric pattern, which is probably some planetary space awesomeness. And, who knows what else.

Abraham Lincoln Merica T Shirt: Sometimes You Want Pure White Marble Statue Abe and Sometimes You Want Psychedelic Abe

Abraham Lincoln Merica T Shirt
Photo by Jill

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Back when I was young and dump, I climbed up on that statue in D.C. I’m guessing now that type of action would have me arrested, but back in the day nothing happened. Today, I’d be videotaped at 14 different angles. Ticketed. Incarcerated. Shot. Hell I don’t know. They wouldn’t take kindly to that. Nor should they. It’s a national treasure and should be respected.

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