A Dog Year 2018 T Shirt: Chinese Calendar

A Dog Year 2018 T Shirt. There are quite a few 2018 dog shirts floating around. Apparently, 2018 is the year of the dog on the Chinese Calendar. Does that mean anything that were born under the sign of the dog. Am I going to be looked on favorable by the gods. What’s up? I’m getting this shirt just in case.

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The simplicity and subtle touches of this design appeal to me. The cute puppy in the zero. The worn look of the print. The bone representing the 1. This is all very nice stuff.

Want to see more lovely designs with a New Year’s theme. Most of them droll or silly. Well, then take a look at this.

Now, if you want to learn more about the Chinese astrology, I suggest you do some research. It’s very fascinating. I say that despite knowing absolutely nothing about it. It just sounds like it would be interesting and full of ancient wisdom with a dusting of goofiness.

Anybody have a handle on the Chinese Zodiac that can give us a prophecy as to what we can expect to see in 2018? It’s always fun to hear what the stars are saying about little ol’ Earth and our kooky human machinations.

A Dog Year 2018 T Shirt: Let’s Ask the Mystical Dog What’s In Store for the Coming Year

A Dog Year 2018 T-Shirt

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What if part of Chinese astrology was actually having to find the chosen animal for that year. And, not necessarily a Chinese animal. Say for 2018, to learn the teachings of the wise, you have to find the mystical dog. Could be anywhere. Any breed.

I’m sure there are a lot of of shih tzu owners proclaiming their dogs to be the prophet of the year. They’re delusional like that.

Or maybe it’s all dogs. They all no the secrets of the universe. You just have to be able to interpret their communications, which can include barking, howls, and even actions such as scratching their ear. Hell, you may even be able to glean info from a deuce in the yard.

You never know. Happy Year of the Dog!