99 Problems Is Still a Lot of Problems T Shirt

99 Problems Is Still a Lot of Problems T Shirt. Guess it all depends on what you’re counting as problems. One, I’m going to die. Two, toothpaste is almost out. Three, I have a cavity. Four, my favorite NBA team is on a losing streak. I mean this stuff adds up. Don’t even need to talk about a lady friend.

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Gotta hand it to Jay Z though. He sells it. Like, you know what I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one, and that makes things 100% okay. But, as the shirt implies, if you have 99 legit problems, that’s a lot.

You have some life sorting to do, though you can probably get help from your gal, because she’s not a problem at all. Actually, saying it like that it probably is cool if you work it so the relationship is on point even while everything else is crumbling around you.

Good love is good life.

I don’t even like Jay Z’s music. Sacrilege I know. But, the song is catchy as hell. And the shirt is witty, which makes a winning combination.

99 Problems Is Still a Lot of Problems T Shirt: And All This Girl Can Do is Duck Face. Did You Hear How Many Problems?

99 Problems Is Still a Lot of Problems T-Shirt

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Do you think Jay Z reassures Beyonce that the premise of the song is still the case. Yep, BeBe, you’re still the one, and you’re not a problem today. Love ya.

Or maybe they’re having a rip roaring fight, and Jay Z grabs a marker, walks to that big ass bay window looking out on some fancy body of water and writes I got 100 problems.

Beyonce gets pissed beyond reason. Items which present themselves within an arm’s distance and are reasonably sized are chucked at that Shawn Corey Carter’s head. Despite being old as dirt, he still has good reflexes so no one is hurt.

They finally work it out before they go to bed, and they totally forget to erase the window. Papparazzi capture the imagine, and the rest, is rap and R&B folklore.

What did that last part even mean? Made no sense. I’m gonna stop now.

Except I forgot to tell you about all the other fine SnorgTees I have curated. I was on a mission to rifle through their whole catalog and find the best. I succeeded.