Funny T Shirts: I Find Them For Your Amusement

Funny T Shirts improve your life by 82%.

Here are the hottest t-shirt topics in the world right now. This is the cutting edge. The zeitgeist. You are so lucky to have serendipitously landed on this page.

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Latest Funny Tees Finds

I average about one great find a day. Here are the latest.

Not enough shirts to satisfy your giant appetite? Check out the t-shirt blog … all the good ones are there.

Funny T Shirts Are Better Than Delicious Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Funny T Shirts? A lot of people, I mean A LOT of people ask me “why call a site featuring funny tees Cheeze Tees.” And, frankly I don’t have a great answer for that … except that the word Cheeze is probably the funniest word on Earth. Combined with the rhyme of tees and we’re talking about pants pissing hilarity.

Cheeze Tees! You’re with me? But, I’m not even thinking about that right now.

What really matters is that you find an amazing shirt to impress your friends and family and brighten the day of strangers, who were, otherwise, probably going to steal your valuables in broad daylight.

I take it to the limit 110% and never back down to find the best funny tees in the world. There was no turning back when I was on the hunt. I’m not going to lie. I almost gave up. When I was hanging by a thread, literally. Well, not literally, but like Tone Loc in that song Wild Thing where he’s caught doing the Wild Thing with a chick, and her mom walks in, and she’s cool with it because she used to do that shit.


But, if I’m honest I don’t really know what that implies. I mean I almost had sex once and there was no string involved. Maybe it was super strong string, like parachute string, and Tone’s trying to do some of that David Carradine or Michael Hutchence stuff. I’m not really sure, but it took some doing to find these shirts. That’s what it boils down to.

A Shoddy Unreliable History of Funny T-shirts

Funny T Shirts: History

So, of course, we need to start our historic t-shirt research on Wikipedia. It’s a great place to start any research project to get a foundation of information and ideas for expanding your quest for specific (and very important) knowledge.

Actually, it’s kind of fascinating:

“Most modern versions have a body made from a continuously woven tube, produced on a circular loom, such that the torso has no side seams. The manufacture of T-shirts has become highly automated and may include cutting fabric with a laser or a water jet.”

Circular looms, lasers, and water jets. This is like a sci-fi thriller and we haven’t even arrived at the funny parts.

Tees started as undergarments in the 19th Century, which makes a ton of sense. The US Navy was handing them out to sailors in the Spanish-American war, so they would only soil the undershirt as they mucked around with machinery.

Then, some pictures were leaked and everybody was like “damn, those sailors look super sexy in those undershirts, we probably need to make that outer shirt fashion at some point. And, voila, in 1913 French fashion designer and tastemaker Jacques Pieravue put them on women on the runway.

Amazingly, nobody thought to put graphics and funny shit on these walking canvasses until exactly one century later when obscure comedian Jerry Seinfeld decided to paint a line from his underground TV show, Seinfeld, on a bubblegum pink tshirt. “Whoopsies.”

funny t shirts whoopies

He wore this on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show, and the rest was history. Amazingly, in May 2015, a print house in Duluth accidentally discovered textile screen printing. The perfect storm. The people were clambering for witticisms on their body and Duluth A+ Printing stumbled on the technology to mass print hilarious tees. Ubiquitous. You won’t go three minutes in the streets of any metropolitan hub without seeing one.

Hell, you can’t go four minutes and 32 seconds without seeing one in Montana cow pastures. They are everywhere. And they should be your dresser of drawers too. That’s why you’re here. To fill your dresser with funny t shirts. Am I right?

Of course I am. So get on it. Dig in. Find the funny that suits you. We live in such magnificent times. The depth and breadth of funny tees is staggering. You will find the one you are looking for. Magical really. I give thanks every day for being alive. Look here’s a random shirt right here. Do you love it?

Science Says Funny Tees Make Your Life 156% Better

the science of funny t shirts

And I totally believe it. I don’t believe all science because you know as well as I that most “science” is bought and paid for BS that never tries to prove the New World Order’s accepted conclusions. That’s not science. You ever try to get published in a scientific journal? It’s a circle jerk of “colleagues” citing their friend’s shit because it agrees with their shit, which ultimately agrees with the accepted Bilderberg science.

Throw out a hypothesis that tries to disprove “set science” and you’ll never publish, never get tenure, and probably end up sucking things for small denominations to support a meth habit, and to buy those flamin’ hot Cheetos.

But, there’s also the science that just feels right. And feelings are totally scientific, which is why I know in my heart and believe to the marrow in my bones, that, yes, funny t shirts make your life 156% better on average.

Funny T Shirts Ward Off Disease

Single And Disease Free T Shirt

No really. Laughter is the best medicine. Sure you can add a few days, months, or even years laughing at your Uncle Tony’s ugly face 24/7, but why not share the love. Wear a funny shirt so others can join in and laugh at ridiculous cats and art work that ingeniously calls to mind popular culture icons but doesn’t violate copyright laws. It’s for your health!

Wear one every day! Campaign for novelty shirts with funny words to be part of your work dress code. Call it an employee wellness initiative. Your HR manager’s eyes will roll back in her head, and she’ll faint in ecstasy at the very notion of someone taking initiative.

Then, when she comes to, give her a sip of water, and then tell her you read the employee manual (little white lies never hurt anyone). She’ll probably begin her campaign to get you a corner office that very moment.

Then, remind her that she agreed to make funny shirts mandatory. That’s very important. Do it!