Funny Valentine Tees Featuring Food

Tacos Are My Valentine T Shirt

Funny Valentine Tees Featuring Food. There is something to be said for a love of food. It enriches your life. You get energy. Nutrients. Calories. Enjoyment. And, most importantly, you can shove down any uneasy feelings by stuffing comfort food down in large quantities. Ah. Love. Being fat ain’t so bad, especially when the food [...]

How I Cut Carbs T Shirt

How I Cut Carbs T Shirt

How I Cut Carbs T Shirt. Ah, to be a young, skinny, trim, fit, no morbidly obese, pizza eating wordplayer. But, alas … just kidding, I don’t want to ruin the vibe of this shirt. Screw ketogenic. Forget paleo. You know what I’m saying. Enjoy yourself. Eat some damn carbohydrates. No really … that’s totally [...]