Whoop-dee Fucking Do T Shirt

Whoop-dee Fucking Do T Shirt. When you really want to let everybody you meet on a particular day that you don’t care at all about anything that might be happening in their lives. Or yours for that matter.

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Don’t characters like this have a name. Bob Dobb or something. I can’t ever get enough of them. I feel like he’s one of the original memes. I saw pictures like this in dive bar bathrooms in the early 90s. Yes, I know. For the 1,000th time. I’m old.

Phil Collins doesn’t care any mowemo. He’s probably wearing this tee in the studio as he’s laying down this powerful track. So, if you want to be like Phil, and who doesn’t, then you should probably get this tee.

Just don’t wear it around children, because it has a dirty word on it. Want some other funny fuck t-shirts to choose from, so you can not wear them in front of kids? That’s a growing list as I search the globe for the finest fuck … tees.

Whoop-dee Fucking Do T Shirt: I’m Going to Call Those Nectarines, Which is Important For a Reason I’ll Get Into Later

Whoop-dee Fucking Do T Shirt
Photo by denisbin

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So, I looked up “who cares” in an image shirt and I think it was kind of a meta result, because there was nothing that shouted “who cares,” so then I said “who cares” about these images, which is pretty profound.

And, then at a deeper level I decided I really cared about nectarines hanging from a tree and the beautiful blue sky beyond. So, really, putting a blog post together about this ridiculous shirt has caused a spiritual experience with life changing ramifications. Thanks Bob Dobb.

Maybe that’s what the Church of the Subgenius and 50s clipart is all about. I don’t even know anymore. I might be in a state of permanent spiritual ecstasy.