SnorgTees Reviews: Their best funny tshirts

Snorgtees Reviews: The Top Funny Tshirts In Their Catalog

I’m assuming when people look for Snorgtees Reviews, they are looking for specific ratings of their funny tshirts. I mean, it’s well known that the company offers top notch shirt quality and customer service. After that it’s just a matter of awesome designs. That’s where I come in. I have collected my favorite all in one place for your convenience.

SnorgTees and funny tshirts are synonymous, but my taste is very particular. I don’t find all of their catalog funny. If you have similar taste to me, this list of Snorg Tees best will save you a great deal of time.

If you don’t have a similar sense of humor, then maybe looking at this list of funny tees will help you re-calibrate from your terrible taste to my exquisitely refined sense.

Are you getting a taste of what I like? Dry humor. Absurdity. Not too much pop culture. Just enough to keep me in the loop. Who am I kidding? I don’t know anything about current pop culture. If the shirt references anything after 1992, I have no clue. So, that may be the real reason for a shocking lack of pop culture in this list.

But, really, it’s good. Who likes talking about movies or TV shows all the time?

No one!

And, that’s what wearing these shirts does. It triggers conversations, which is a lovely thing. But, if you launch right into pop culture where do you go from there.


No one’s going to ask you for that verbatim rendition of that Saved By The Bell scene.

Of course, maybe you’re a super sophisticated communicator that can pivot deftly from one subject to another. Get out of here unicorn! This page is for normal every day, hard working, salt-of-the-earth, people that are trying to find a little joy.

For me, if the convo moves to TV or movies or music or social media marvels I cannot smoothly move the conversation to more substantive places, like …

“Hey, do you have a boyfriend.”

“Yes, but do you really really love him.”

“You’re feathered hair smells really nice.”

“Oh, this enormous meat mountain is him … cool, cool.”

If I get stuck in Back to the Future land it’s all over. I can’t stop talking about Michael J. Fox’s canon of work. And his Parkinson’s. And his go to comedic head tilts. See you’re already getting bored. Don’t let me fall into this morass.

Please, let’s just start off with the absurd or cats. Or absurd cats. Even the lumpiest dullard can veer into a multitude of varied and rich conversational places from that starting point.

Just saying absurd things, makes the brain tingle like an ASMR video, and opens the mind and chakras of each participant, so that they are pleasantly vulnerable to entering a mushroom house of magical confab.

If you reach that place, you know it’s going to be a really good time. All because of a Snorg Tee I basically forced you too take a second look at because it had layers of meaning that were revealed over time.

Believe me. I know about these things.

Did you see that video? I’m so damn jealous of people that can draw. God, that’s why I do this blog … just to rub cyber shoulders with talented and funny artists that have their finger on the pulse of what the special pool of cool people are hankering for.

Can you smell the desperation on me? I hope not. Can you hear it in the tone of my words. Please tell it’s not true. Actually, I need to know the truth:

Am I a sad 47-year-old man, who missed his calling and is despondently trying to feel something like fulfillment by inserting himself into orbit of art, comedy, culture and commerce. I mean, like the furthest orbit. Like so far out where astronomers are predicting with 98% certainty that my body will be flung off the orbit into the dark matter of space oblivion.

Is that what you smell? I can kind of smell it, but that might just be my string cheese and chocolate milk breath. Maybe I should open a window. A bracing blast of frozen air might be just the thing to inject a little vim and vigor into my miserably failing career and life.

Nope. That didn’t work. And, I just woke up my mom, so now I’m in trouble. And the house is now chilly. So, the only thing left is inserting an image of young Marlon Brando.

Snorgtees Reviews: Marlon Brando Was Basically the Godfather of Funny Tshirts

SnorgTees Review: Marlon Brando Grandfathered Funny Tshirts

Look, this bold assertion isn’t linear. He didn’t wear a funny tshirt and boom a new craze is launched. No, he just popularized the tshirt in A Streetcar Named Desire. Look at him. Of course he did. Dudes wanted to wear tshirts. Women wanted dudes to wear them, particularly if they looked even half as good as Marlon did.

So, the t-shirt finds solid footing in American culture, and it’s only a matter of time before the misfits and miscreants figure out they can print words and images on the shirts for humorous effect.

In fact, I’m pretty sure James Dean took a marker to one of his sheer white tees and wrote, “your Mom was a rebel without a cause in my boarding room.”

James Dean begat SnorgTees Reviews - funny tshirt par excellence

Then, the hippies ruined it with their tie-dyed decades.

Then, there were advances in screen printing.

Then, SnorgTees broke the psychedelic, humorless chains, and turned the funny tee shirt back into a gratifying, culturally-enriching art form.

And the rest is history.

Thanks Marlon and James!

Heck, thanks to Farley “Llama Sweat” Dropout, who created a self-righteous, humorless hippie foil that was defeated by powerful, colorful, mind-altering humor screenprinted on soft t-shirts.