Sloth The Cutest of the Deadly Sins T Shirt

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Sloth The Cutest of the Deadly Sins T Shirt. Not sure they were talking about the animal when they were naming off the deadly sins. But, they are cute. And all the rage these days. Sloths are so hot. So now. Am I right?

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But, the bigger issue is why does that sloth have a Nigel wig on? Huh? Why? Who’s Nigel you inquire. Glad you asked. He’s the dude from the movie Spinal Tap.

There’s also some not so cute things about sloths. Can’t we just be real right now? The fact that only one quarter of their brain is firing, because the ancestors were heavy drinkers for generation upon generation and the body adapted. Said something like fuck this, why have all these brain cells if they’re just going to be brutally snuffed out by white lightning (they brewed their own moonshine … which is remarkable … they used to be smart.) So, now, with the tiny brain they can barely function. Thus the slowness.

You know I just did another 52 hours of research on sloths and noticed in some of the images that the longer-haired of the creatures, actually do have kind of a bowl cut looking hairdo. Funny.

Another thing about this shirt, it’s not giving the whole picture, because it’s not as pretty. Of course, I’m talking about nails. Ewwwww. I’m not a prissy dude, who goes and gets mani-pedi’s every week (just every other week), but my God, get some nail clippers. Gross.

Sloth The Cutest of the Deadly Sins T Shirt

Sloth The Cutest of the Deadly Sins T-Shirt

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Snorg Tees has a lot of fine designs. Over 60 in fact. And I collected them all in one place just for you. Yes, you. Really. You. The one with the two elbows, and the nose. Yep. Exactly. You. You’re welcome.


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