Funny Fuck T-Shirts Because Sam Rockwell Said Fuck On SNL

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Gangsta As Fuck T Shirt

Fuck T-Shirts Because Sam Rockwell Said Fuck On SNL. Oh yes he did! And it was so scandalous. So, now check out my favorite tees with the actual word fuck on them. Not AF. Not F***. The actual word, because Sam is gangsta as fuck.

The FCC rules on cursing on public television do seem somewhat antiquated. I guess you have to have a semblance of standards on public airwaves that the government maintains with taxpayer money.

But, with streaming and cable, do we really think the children aren’t getting more than enough smut, unless their parents are hyper vigilant. It seems like a late night comedy sketch show should have some leeway.

Though, maybe having the rule provides creative tension. You have to make it work without resorting to curse words. Might be a good thing. Judging from the reaction to Mr. Rockwell’s f-bomb, the rules mean something to a lot of people, if not something to find scandalous when it happens on live television.

FCC guidelines expressly state that you can’t say seven words on network television. I didn’t read those guidelines but I remember the old George Carlin bit. Wouldn’t you like to be in the room when the FCC team and the lawyers get together to hash out the new and improved rules? Do they go word by word? Are the words on Powerpoint slides?

Okay everybody. Focus. We have a lot of dirty language to get through. First word. “Cocksucker.” Where do we stand? Does it stay on the list? Let’s take a vote. All for keeping cocksucker on the list say “aye.” Opposed?

Cocksucker stays on the list.

Fuck T Shirts to Celebrate Sam Rockwell’s Slip of the Tongue (or was it?)

High As Fuck T Shirt

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T-shirts are a whole different story. It’s up to you if it’s a matter of what you can wear in public. I guess you probably couldn’t wear one of these to work. Some retail establishments might choose to kick you out if you’re wearing one. It’s their right.

You probably don’t really want to wear these tees around vulnerable and impressionable kids. So, the opportunity to wear these is quite limited, which, again, makes the times when you can more special.

Like maybe you’re going to a party with adults. That might be an appropriate time. Or maybe you have a special date with yourself,  watching Saturday Night Live, and eating gelato. Go crazy and wear one of these.


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