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Christmas T Shirts Funny Holiday Times Ahead

When it comes to Christmas t shirts funny thing is you can go several directions. Cute. Ugly. Funny. Sappy. Etc. I prefer the hilarious, so what you have here is the holy grail of funny Christmas T Shirts. Yes, there are tacky, dirty, silly, and ugly mixed in, but the driving force behind this masterwork of curation is funny.

You wear one of these Christmas Tees—not trees … don’t wear a Xmas Tree, that’s not comfortable—to a holiday function, and you will get a laugh from all the right people.

Now, .02% of you may have arrived on this page by accident. If that’s the case, then you probably want to visit the home page to take a look at all of the other funny t shirts I have risked my life to find for you.

All the Party People Say: “Christmas T Shirts Funny: We Want It”

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We have them all: dinosaurs, pop culture, Santa Claus. You name it. Please take your time and soak in all of these fine designs.

Don’t Let Funny Christmas T Shirts Distract You From the True Meaning

Christmas T Shirts Funny

Before I let you go, we should probably delve deeper into the phenomenon of how humor slipped into the Xmas zeitgeist. Of course, I’m a big fan, but there’s a little bit of sorrow.

Are we losing the sacred? Has even the celebration of the birth of the perfect man, who is the model of how to live on Earth, become just a zombie fart fest with tinsel and those super cool light lamps you put on your lawn that make it look like the whole front of your house is covered in pretty red and green lights.

I mean is Christmas totally commercial with a few horny Santa and elf jokes sprinkled in. Are we just decking the halls with the profane downfall of Western civilization?

Could be. Could be.

It probably all started innocently enough when a person way back when probably made a joke about how smelly the stable, in which Mary and Joseph birthed Jesus, was.

Then, maybe after a few mugs of mead the humor got more ribald a few centuries later. Now, the donkey farted. A few decades later, ‘cuz these things escalate, teenagers are schlaging two of the three wise men, and their trash presents of frankincense and myrrh. I mean the gold was cool.

Then, there was the mistletoe to get the prurient interests involved.

Finally, the birth story faded away just as Santa crashed through the roof with a bag of schwag. The superficial and scatological together at last for the merriest time of the year.

Exhibit number one (by the way I think this is hilarious). Watching this can bring the family together, and what warms the chestnuts in your heart more than that?

“Merry Christmas, Shitter Was Full.”

Let’s not forget the sexually perverse. What started out with a little peck on Santa’s check from Mommy has morphed into all sorts of unsavory, dick slingin’ Santa stuff.

Dirty Christmas T Shirts: Not Washed or NSFW

tacky christmas shirts
Do you see what’s missing in the image above. SHIRTS. Somebody get those poor freezing souls some awesome, comfortable tees.

Do you see what’s missing in the image above. SHIRTS. Somebody get those poor freezing souls some awesome, comfortable tees.

Anyway, focusing on Xmas while doing this post, I started thinking about the classic tale: A Christmas Carol. Man, I bet those folks wore some dirty shirts. No washing machines. Aunt Mildred may agree to wash your clothes once a week, but that’s it. No easy task heating a kettle on the fire and wash boarding all the garments. 

Plus, everybody is dirt poor, so the average dude probably has a Sunday best shirt and a weekday shirt. And you have coal. Lots of dirt roads. And a lot more manual labor dirty jobs than cushy office jobs. Recipe for very dirty shirts, none of which had snappy, R-Rated art or words. 

Sad times. Was life even worth living without a shirt depicting Mrs. Claus in a compromising position with the Krampus? Only the philosophers truly know.

Christmas T Shirts Funny … we need them. There’s a case to be made that without them, much of the evolution and progress in the 21st century will disappear. Not immediately, but over time. Slowly. Boiling the frog. So, I beg you to keep the tradition alive. Shock your grandma on Christmas Eve with a particularly “adult” xmas-themed joke shirt. She’ll probably never be the same, but everyone else—your cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings— will have the Yuletide time of their lives laughing their rum-soaked asses off. 

Yeah, Gramma may be teetering on life altering psychosis … a mania of sorts, but she was probably going to go in a home in the next couple 10 years. This just escalated the natural process, and she’ll probably feel more at home with the Seniors lobbing their shit at the lovely hallway sconces.

Ugly Christmas Tees—The Next Level of the Ugly Xmas Sweater

Okay, let me wrap this up on this subject. First, when did ugly sweaters come into vogue. It’s gotta be a TV show or something. This article dives in pretty deep. Sweaters specifically for Xmas starter appearing in the 1950s. They were called jingle bell sweaters. Then, over time, it morphed into an inside joke. 

You snickering with your cousins about how you found the ugliest sweater at the thrift store and wore it to Christmas dinner. And your eldest aunt complemented it, while your youngest aunt rolled her eyes.

Anyway, it’s gone full blown mainstream. Every office has an ugly sweater day. Every household has one for each member of the family. But, a relatively new phenomenon is the ugly xmas sweater t shirt. The design looks like a “jingle bell” tee with the lo-resolution “stitching” but it’s on a super comfortable tee. 

Have you seen these? There are a few examples in the gallery above. There are probably enough in the world to justify a dedicated post, so look for that coming soon or at least within the next five years. I’m kind of lazy.

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