Hoppy New Year Beer T Shirt

Hoppy New Year Beer T-Shirt

Hoppy New Year Beer T Shirt. Wordplay for the New Year! If you’ve been following this blog for the last three decades you know full well how much I love the wordplay and beer shirts. It’s like the perfect combination. I actually am not a big fan of really hoppy beer but I’m going to [...]

New Year Old Me 2018 T Shirt

New Year Old Me 2018 T Shirt

New Year Old Me 2018 T Shirt. I suppose it’s good to be realistic. Like there’s no way in hell that I’m going to stick with a New Year’s Resolution, so I might as well just be me and remove the gnashing of teeth associated with breaking a resolution, 15 hours into the new year. [...]

Meowy Christmas T Shirt

Meowy Christmas T-Shirt

Meowy Christmas T Shirt. Indeed cats like boxes, and little toys and ornaments they can bat around. Not sure they’re keen on the Santa hat and the scarf though. That’s a deal breaker on the holiday festivities. You put clothing items on a cat, and you can assume, she is immediately plotting your ultimate demise. [...]

Walken in a Winter Wonderland T Shirt

Walken in a Winter Wonderland T-Shirt

Walken in a Winter Wonderland T Shirt. Do you consider Christopher Walken a national treasure? Just seeing him on screen creates a festive atmosphere. He’s so eldritch. That’s why combining wordplay and Walken on a Xmas Tee is the best idea you can have. The second best since it wasn’t your idea is to buy [...]

Season’s Eatings T Shirt (Zombies)

Season’s Eatings T Shirt. Hey? Are you into Zom Zombs? That your thing? The undead, crawling out from their graves to slowly chase live human people, and eat their brains. That floats your boat? Welp, weirdo. I have a Xmas Sweater t-shirt design for you. Season’s Eatings?! Seems like too much. Like I getting a [...]

Home Malone T Shirt (First Malone)

Home Malone T Shirt

Home Malone T Shirt. I must be getting old. This First Malone dude sounds like dying relatives to me. And not in a good way. But, I’m going to give all you folks about there that love him, love Xmas, and love the movie Home Alone. Because if you hit that trifecta this shirt was [...]

H2O Santa Claus T Shirt (SCUBA Diving)

H2O Santa Claus T-Shirt

H2O Santa Claus T Shirt. I’ve never SCUBA dived. But, it looks pretty awesome. Right? Going to a beautiful oceanic part of the world, and diving into the depths of the sea to check out the mesmerizing, bizarre creatures. Add a Santa suit and you know that if you’re wearing this shirt you are SCUBA [...]

Making Spirits Bright T Shirt

Making Spirits Bright T-Shirt

Making Spirits Bright T Shirt. Some people aren’t around family so they turn to alcohol for companionship during the holidays. If done properly, it’s awesome, especially if the booze comes with friends. What’s extra funny about this design is that it looks like the aftermath of a Peanuts Christmas party. Like after they did all [...]