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Sloth Nebula T Shirt

Sloth Nebula T-Shirt

Sloth Nebula T Shirt. I’m a big fan of this shirt. The sloth has become a huge animal favorite these days, and space, of course, becomes more and more intriguing as we get a constant stream of unbelievable images from NASA straight into our brains. But, really. Those space shots all kind of have the [...]

Forget Lab Safety I Want Super Powers T Shirt

Forget Lab Safety I Want Super Powers T-Shirt

Forget Lab Safety I Want Super Powers T Shirt. Good shirt, but let’s not show the kids. Bad example. They really should have respect for lab safety. Let’s not forget goggles and where the eyewash station is. But, for the purposes of amusement, let’s celebrate this tee. God. I remember hardly anything about my childhood. [...]

Pavlov’s Cat T shirt

Pavlov’s Cat T-shirt

Pavlov’s Cat T Shirt. It took Ivan Pavlov years to find the right subject to successfully complete his tests of his conditioning hypothesis. We’re lucky to have this historical depiction of him failing miserably trying to get his cat to come for dinner. He’s like … I’ve been doing this damn bell ringing with this [...]