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Funny T Shirts improve your life by 82%. Here are my latest finds. Only the best.

Come To Philly For the Crack T Shirt
Come To Philly For the Crack T Shirt. Double meaning here. Wordplay for sale. Get your Philly crack right here. I think there’s a third way you can look at it too. All those cheesesteak eating football hooligans with their buttcracks peaking out from their jeans. It’s a cornucopia of Philly crack from which to […]
Valentine’s Day: Love Yo’Self T Shirts
Valentine’s Day: Love Yo’Self T Shirts. Sometimes you can’t depend on other people to love you. So, you must love yourself always. This way you are guaranteed to be loved no matter how the winds of relationship and romance blow. Sometimes part of loving yo’self is buying nice things for yourself, including including flowers, bottles […]
Funny Valentine Tees Featuring Food
Funny Valentine Tees Featuring Food. There is something to be said for a love of food. It enriches your life. You get energy. Nutrients. Calories. Enjoyment. And, most importantly, you can shove down any uneasy feelings by stuffing comfort food down in large quantities. Ah. Love. Being fat ain’t so bad, especially when the food […]
Merica Drinkin’ Booze and Refusing to Lose T Shirt
Merica Drinkin’ Booze and Refusing to Lose T Shirt. It’s true that America was drinking booze in the early days. Not sure you can attribute our winning ways to the drink 100%, but there probably something to having a release valve embedded in the culture. You can credit the European blood for the taste for […]
Grumpy Valentine’s Day T-Shirts
Grumpy Valentine’s Day T-Shirts. Hey sometimes you’re not in the mood for a day celebrating lovers. Or maybe you would love to be a part of it but you’re Single AF. Or maybe the combination of grumpy cat and Valentine messaging is just too funny. Whatever the case, these shirts surely are for you. Hey, […]
9 Funny Star Wars Valentine T Shirts
Funny Star Wars Valentine T Shirts. Not sure why there are so many of these Valentine’s Day Star Wars tees, but if the George Lucas joint warms your heart you’ll probably need to improve your special day of love plus 47% by getting one of these fine designs.   I have to admit it’s a […]
Toss Me Another Beer Brosevelt T Shirt
Toss Me Another Beer Brosevelt T Shirt. What do you say about Teddy Roosevelt? Dude’s on Mt. Rushmore along with Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. That’s serious company. He was reportedly a badass, so this muscle-bound bro depiction isn’t a stretch. I think his claim to fame, other than being the 25th Vice President and 26th […]
Valentine Shirts Featuring Coffee
Valentine Shirts Featuring Coffee. Because just about everybody loves coffee more than they love romantic relationships. That might be an exaggeration. If it’s early in the relationship, it might be a tie with coffee. I actually don’t drink coffee. Tea for me. I wish I could drink coffee. It’s such a lovely drug in theory, […]
Back to Back World War Champs T Shirt
Back to Back World War Champs T Shirt. We were the relief pitcher in both of these wars, but still get the save and called the Champs. Thank God. The Germans had the technological chops to threaten us from across the ocean had they not been snuffed in Germany. Let’s just hope we don’t have […]
Valentine Candy Hearts T Shirts
Valentine Candy Hearts T Shirts. I have a nice mix of sweetheart conversation candy heart tees here. A shirt featuring naughty candy hearts. A shirt with the normal G rated candy hearts but in high resolution, and, of course, the mean candy hearts for the grumps in the audience. Candy hearts remind me of elementary […]
Funny Valentine’s Day T-Shirts With Cupid
Funny Valentine’s Day T-Shirts With Cupid. Does the fact that cupid exists in mythology basically mean we can’t figure out why the hell we get together in romantic relationships with the people we do. Why we’re attracted to these types? So, we blame it on a little dude fluttering around shooting love arrows. That is […]
Sports Apathy T Shirts
Sports Apathy T Shirts. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and if you’re too cool for sports, then take a look at these shirts that basically say “sports, who gives a hoot.” Or if you like sports but think the kneeling during the anthem is ridiculous, skip the game. Destroy the ratings. Make spending millions on Super […]
Funny Valentine Shirts: Celebrate the Valentine’s Day of Love (Or Don’t)
Funny Valentine Shirts. You and I both know you need something to wear on the universally accepted day of celebrating romantic love. Or if you’re a grumpy cat there are plenty of hrrrrrrmph Valentine’s Day shirts for you to choose from.   It’s actually quite interesting to see the mix of funny Valentine shirts that […]
Time to Get Star Spangled Hammered T Shirt
Time to Get Star Spangled Hammered T Shirt. Sometimes you gotta blow off some steam. Drink a few beers. Forget about the problems. Reduce the stress. This is healthy. Plus, spangled is a super cool word. But, let’s not get too sloshy here. We have a lot of work to do. There’s a revolution in […]
George Washington Call The Queen I Don’t Give a Fuck T Shirt
George Washington Call The Queen I Don’t Give a Fuck T Shirt. George is partying and doesn’t care who knows it. He’s got it going on and is not worried about the consequences. He’s living in the moment. Well, actually … George was a very conscientious guy. And had huge steel balls. I mean what […]
Funny Groundhog Day T Shirts
Funny Groundhog Day T Shirts. Isn’t it amazing how a traditional going back to 1887 has been commandeered by a quirky little rom-com movie. That’s the power of Bill Murray/Harold Ramis joint venture. Everybody loves that movie. And now Groundhog Day is a thing. I mean, I remember it being mentioned when I was younger. […]
Abe Lincoln 3D Glasses T Shirt
  Abe Lincoln 3D Glasses T Shirt. President Lincoln was a serious and tough dude, but he also knew how to have a good time. So, that’s why you wear this shirt. To remind people that you can work hard, be one of the greatest presidents, and check out the latest Coen brothers film. I […]
America Abe Lincoln Riding a T-Rex T Shirt
America Abe Lincoln Riding a T-Rex T Shirt. You gotta love Abe Lincoln. And all the kids love T Rex. The combo mixed with a little patriotism, and a heady brew bound to make you feel good about being an American. Slavery wasn’t good. But, damn we got rid of it, which is pretty amazing. […]
American Beer Can T Shirt
American Beer Can T Shirt. I like the cartoonish connection between patriotism and beer drinking. There is a lot of that in the America F*** Yeah subculture. A lot of it is ironic, but there is certainly a sliver of Americans that are all about drinkin’, shootin’, and lovin’ freedom. I’m cool with this. The […]
Free AF T Shirt
Free AF T Shirt. Ah, the kids today and their textual shorthand. Good stuff. This shirt is funny on the surface, and you’ll get a ton of positive reactions from patriots when they see you wearing it. But, for real, freedom is pretty great. When you read AF, do you say AF in your head […]
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Funny T Shirts Are Better Than Delicious Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Funny T Shirts? A lot of people, I mean A LOT of people ask me “why call a site featuring funny tees Cheeze Tees.” And, frankly I don’t have a great answer for that … except that the word Cheeze is probably the funniest word on Earth. Combined with the rhyme of tees and we’re talking about pants pissing hilarity.

Cheeze Tees! You’re with me? But, I’m not even thinking about that right now.

What really matters is that you find an amazing shirt to impress your friends and family and brighten the day of strangers, who were, otherwise, probably going to steal your valuables in broad daylight.

I took it to the limit 110% and never backed down to funny find the best funny tees in the world. There was no turning back when I was on the hunt. I’m not going to lie. I almost gave up. When I was hanging by a thread, literally. Well, not literally, but like Tone Loc in that song Wild Thing where he’s caught doing the Wild Thing with a chick, and her mom walks in, and she’s cool with it because she used to do that shit.


But, if I’m honest I don’t really know what that implies. I mean I almost had sex once and there was no string involved. Maybe it was super strong string, like parachute string, and Tone’s trying to do some of that David Carradine or Michael Hutchence stuff. I’m not really sure, but it took some doing to find these shirts. That’s what it boils down to.

Funny Valentine’s Day Shirts: Love is Hard So You Gotta Laugh

Cupid With an AK-47 T Shirt

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you should be prepared with the appropriate t-shirts to recognize the day. Forget about dinner plans and gifts for your significant other. Just make sure you have the right t-shirt to wear on February 14. PRIORITIES!!!!

Funny ‘Merica Tees: So You Can Appreciate the Land of the Free Every Day!

Murica Eagle T-Shirt

I was feeling patriotic and had a hankerin’ to find the best funny America T Shirts, so set aside 1,150 hours and found the creme de la creme. Enjoy. Show of your love of country and patriotic spirit. Heavy stuff is coming soon so we need to stand together.

Topical Time! Funny Shirts So On Point

How about some wacky news tees that lend themselves to funny t shirt designs. You know how your gramma cut out newspaper clippings of important events and put them in a shoe box.

Buying a t-shirt about the event and stuffing your poor, overloaded dressers is the modern day version of that.

Funny Groundhog Day T Shirts
Funny Groundhog Day T Shirts. Isn’t it amazing how a traditional going back to 1887 has been commandeered by a quirky little rom-com movie. That’s the power of Bill Murray/Harold Ramis joint venture. Everybody loves that movie. And now Groundhog Day is a thing. I mean, I remember it being mentioned when I was younger. […]
Duke Nukem Lo Res Pixel Art T Shirt
Duke Nukem Lo Res Pixel Art T Shirt. So, they say John Cena is signing a deal to play Duke Nukem in a movie directed by Sophia Coppola. Should be pretty dope. John oozes mensch, but I’m sure he can method questionable morals if he needs to. I mean he starred in a movie with […]
Government Shutdown T Shirts
Government Shutdown T Shirts. Remember this time, when the obstructionists are trying to ram political garbage down our throats, and since he’s not getting his way, Chuck Schumer is shutting down the government. It’s kabuki theater. The radical left is trying to change the fabric of the American culture, just to get votes. They do […]
Link In a Meteor Shower T Shirt
Link In a Meteor Shower T Shirt. Gotta be honest. Don’t know my Legend of Zelda, but I do know that’s Link and a meteor. Does that happen during game play, or is it an actual image of the meteor shower over Detroit? So, I was inspired to do this post because there was a […]
Funny Fuck T-Shirts Because Sam Rockwell Said Fuck On SNL
Fuck T-Shirts Because Sam Rockwell Said Fuck On SNL. Oh yes he did! And it was so scandalous. So, now check out my favorite tees with the actual word fuck on them. Not AF. Not F***. The actual word, because Sam is gangsta as fuck. The FCC rules on cursing on public television do seem […]
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A Shoddy Unreliable History of Funny Tshirts

So, of course, we need to start our historic t-shirt research on Wikipedia. It’s a great place to start any research project to get a foundation of information and ideas for expanding your quest for specific (and very important) knowledge.

Actually, it’s kind of fascinating:

“Most modern versions have a body made from a continuously woven tube, produced on a circular loom, such that the torso has no side seams. The manufacture of T-shirts has become highly automated and may include cutting fabric with a laser or a water jet.”

Circular looms, lasers, and water jets. This is like a sci-fi thriller and we haven’t even arrived at the funny parts.

Tees started as undergarments in the 19th Century, which makes a ton of sense. The US Navy was handing them out to sailors in the Spanish-American war, so they would only soil the undershirt as they mucked around with machinery.

Then, some pictures were leaked and everybody was like “damn, those sailors look super sexy in those undershirts, we probably need to make that outer shirt fashion at some point. And, voila, in 1913 French fashion designer and tastemaker Jacques Pieravue put them on women on the runway.

Amazingly, nobody thought to put graphics and funny shit on these walking canvasses until exactly one century later when obscure comedian Jerry Seinfeld decided to paint a line from his underground TV show, Seinfeld, on a bubblegum pink tshirt. “Whoopsies.”

funny t shirts whoopies

He wore this on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show, and the rest was history. Amazingly, in May 2015, a print house in Duluth accidentally discovered textile screen printing. The perfect storm. The people were clambering for witticisms on their body and Duluth A+ Printing stumbled on the technology to mass print hilarious tees. Ubiquitous. You won’t go three minutes in the streets of any metropolitan hub without seeing one.

Hell, you can’t go four minutes and 32 seconds without seeing one in Montana cow pastures. They are everywhere. And they should be your dresser of drawers too. That’s why you’re here. To fill your dresser with funny t shirts. Am I right?

Of course I am. So get on it. Dig in. Find the funny that suits you. We live in such magnificent times. The depth and breadth of funny tees is staggering. You will find the one you are looking for. Magical really. I give thanks every day for being alive. Look here’s a random shirt right here. Do you love it?

Science Says Funny Tees Make Your Life 156% Better

the science of funny t shirts

And I totally believe it. I don’t believe all science because you know as well as I that most “science” is bought and paid for BS that never tries to prove the New World Order’s accepted conclusions. That’s not science. You ever try to get published in a scientific journal? It’s a circle jerk of “colleagues” citing their friend’s shit because it agrees with their shit, which ultimately agrees with the accepted Bilderberg science.

Throw out a hypothesis that tries to disprove “set science” and you’ll never publish, never get tenure, and probably end up sucking things for small denominations to support a meth habit, and to buy those flamin’ hot Cheetos.

But, there’s also the science that just feels right. And feelings are totally scientific, which is why I know in my heart and believe to the marrow in my bones, that, yes, funny t shirts make your life 156% better on average.

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